Little bit of fall

by Carl Natale on September 24, 2010

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This photo was taken with my HTC Incredible and uploaded directly to this blog, Facebook and my Flickr account using the Moby Android app.

It’s pretty slick except I took a vertical photo. If you look at my Flickr account you will see there is another photo oriented correctly. That’s a second shot but sent to Twitter using the Share function in Droid. That was uploaded correctly.

The Moby app lets me create a title (which becomes this blog headline) and description. Which I think becomes blog text. (Didn’t write one for this experiment)

The Moby app is tied to that sends media to a handful of social media sites. It seems to be working kinda nicely despite this orientation.

The takeaway so far is to orient and add details to the photo, then share the photo with Moby.

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