Get over yourself. Stop being perfect. Write.

by Carl Natale on November 15, 2010

Erasing Mistakes

That's OK

You need to stop trying to be perfect. It’s keeping you from writing.

It’s an excuse not to write. People set incredibly high standards that they can’t meet. Then they don’t have to write.

Even when they decide to match the standards, they spend too much time worrying about their writing. It turns writing into a chore.

Combine those two elements, writing becomes something they can’t and don’t want to fit into their schedules. These are the people who are too busy to write.

If you want to overcome these self-imposed barriers, then write for your audience.

They don’t care about your mistakes. They’re looking for a solution to their problems. Focus on solving their problems and giving them useful information. That will earn their respect.

Then keep it short. It will take less time and give you fewer opportunities to make the mistakes that you still fear. (None of us are without any fear.) Don’t worry if it’s incomplete. Follow up with another post to give more information.
And keep writing. The more you write, the better you become. Commitment to writing will help you find your voice, correct errors and make it a habit. It becomes easy.

There are other imperfect writers out there. Read their blogs and take note of their mistakes. Don’t judge though. Use their imperfection as a lesson in what not to do in your blog. Or you can copy their mistakes because it may work for you.

The most important part to remember is that your audience isn’t looking for perfection. Focus on what they want to learn.

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