11 tips you need to read before becoming a community manager

by Carl Natale on August 23, 2010

Mashable has some great (10) tips for managing communities:

Community managers, who come in all shapes and sizes depending on the company and its mission, are often the online face of their companies, and more increasingly, offline as well. They’re the social strategist, community builder, storyteller, marketer, product manager, designer and evangelist rolled all into one. But most importantly, they’re responsible in projects and initiatives that strengthen the community of consumers, users and customers of the company.

via 10 Tips For Aspiring Community Managers.

I want to add an 11th: Let go of the control.

It takes guts to let the community choose direction. If you don’t, it will be obvious you’re in charge of a marketing ploy. Let your community members be in charge. You’re there to enforce their standards and help them.

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