Why I stopped using Google AdSense

by Carl Natale on November 10, 2010

Google AdSenseFor awhile I had a block of Google Ads on the left side of this page. But I just took them out. Why?

  • I really wasn’t making any money. (Google owes me $2.62)
  • I didn’t put any effort into them
  • They were taking valuable real estate
  • They were kind of ugly

This isn’t meant as a complaint. I put the ads on my site as an experiment and learning experience. Basically I learned if I want to make any money off ads, I need to put some effort behind it. Match content and ads – even when it’s as automatic as Google AdSense. It is unrealistic to expect to wake up rich one morning because of all the ad revenue that came overnight.

This isn’t the end of my ads on my site. I have plans for a niche site that should work well with Google AdSense. It’s going to take some work on the content and ad management. It won’t make me rich. But I’m hoping for enough to cover hosting costs.

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1 M.K. Mercurio November 16, 2010 at 2:56 pm

Hi Carl, Let me know how the ads work on your niche site. My WP site has no ads and my blogger site has ads — but not much revenue. I agree that it’s about the effort and knowledge. Thanks for your post!– Marge

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