Three anthropologists walked into a Starbucks

by Carl Natale on September 15, 2013

I don’t need a degree in anthropology to tell you that the local Starbucks staff is very friendly and well trained in welcoming customers. But apparently it helped three anthropologists figure out that Starbucks was friendlier than local coffee shops in Boston. What’s really interesting is how Kevin Hartnett begins writing about it in […]


Starbucks plans expansion onto supermarket shelves

by Carl Natale on August 24, 2010

Starbucks is looking to add more products to supermarket shelves. Finding new ways to grow is critical for Starbucks, which struggled in recent years after a strategy of growing by rapidly opening new stores had run its course. When the economy turned sour and many consumers could no longer afford pricey coffee drinks, Starbucks retrenched, […]


When Starbucks announced it would make wifi free in its cafes, the news was greeted with a lot of yawns. Free wifi at a coffee shop was nothing new. Starbucks merely was trying to catch up to local competitors. Here’s a bit of news that will cure the yawns better than one of their expensiccinos. […]