Why takeaways are so important to your business

by Carl Natale on December 1, 2010

What I Learned TodayI loved writing each day in my former blog The Takeaway. It was a collection of tips and advice I found for small business owners.

A takeaway is what I learned from an experience or someone’s message. That’s why you will often find the words “here are my takeaways” in many of my blog posts here. I want to emphasize that I’m writing about what I’m learning or what I can apply to my business. It’s possible there are more lessons. But my goal is to focus on what helps you develop content.

What I hope you take away from this:

  • Takeaways come from my perspective.
  • I think they are important enough to pass along to you.
  • My takeaways don’t give you the complete picture.
  • A takeaway is what comes out of one of my filters.

This concept is important to me and drives what I do. Whether I’m writing or helping a client, I am passing along my takeaways.

This is what’s important

What are your takeaways from experience or research? I bet your customers want to know.

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