What does a glossary define?

by Carl Natale on December 2, 2010

GlossaryIt’s like I’m speaking a different language. I use words common in fields I follow that you don’t understand. You’re not stupid. You just don’t expose yourself to the same content I do.

That’s why you read this blog. To find out what I learn.

It doesn’t help that I use words I make up or metaphors that aren’t obvious to you. To help you understand what I’m working on a glossary. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Audience: Who hears, reads or views your content.
  • Content: The words and images you use to communicate your message.
  • Expensiccino: A metaphor for products and services that cost more than most of their competitors.
  • Explainers: Content producers who use a conversational style to make complicated subjects understandable.
  • Filter: A process that separates interesting, informative and reliable content from everything else that bombards us daily.
  • Message: An idea you communicate in any single medium.
  • Problem: A need that a consumer has that a business can solve.
  • Takeaway: What I learn from an experience or someone’s message.

Which leads me to some takeaways:

  • This would be simpler if I just use words that everyone understands. But that’s not as simple as you may think. Our vocabularies are shaped by our experiences and perspectives.
  • The glossary is a good way to make sure your audiences understand key concepts that you want to communicate.
  • Since these are key concepts, a glossary becomes a list of talking points.
  • Each glossary entry is a tag worth several messages.

You see where I’m going with this? I don’t want to write a glossary, paste it into a static page on my blog and forget about it. This is going to be my plan for content in my blog and social media. These are terms I want you to understand. Thus I will dedicate many more words to helping you.

One benefit of this that I have a list of ideas for blog posts.

I’m working on the list a little more before I upload a more findable version (a static page). What do you think I need to add to it?

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