How an insurance agent makes content count

by Carl Natale on November 19, 2010

I had a great time at this morning’s Social Media Breakfast. There was a lot of good discussion about using social media to engage your customers.

First, Bob O’Brien, vice president of Noyes, Hall & Allen Insurance, spoke about the tools he used to reach out to customers even though not all his customers could be considered connected, and insurance wasn’t something that people got excited about.

He talked a lot about the need to engage customers because it takes five years for his business to make a profit from a customer. So retention is key.

How he does it is fascinating, and hopefully his slides will be available soon. Until then, here are three takeaways from Bob’s presentation:

Communicate the way your customers do

A lot of customers are most comfortable using the phone to reach Bob’s office. E-mail works for many of them too. For a small number, the private chat function on the website is handy. And Bob showed a conversation on Twitter between an Ohio insurance agent and a homeowner in need.

The key is that customers should be able to choose what works for them. Otherwise they may skip it all together.

Bob sells solutions not insurance

Insurance agencies help people get out of jams. Like when a tree falls on their homes.

Insurance doesn’t seem exciting. But the reasons we need it are exciting. This is a business all about problems and solutions.

And customers can read about those solutions on the site’s blog. It answers a lot of questions about insurance. This is the most compelling blog content any business can produce.

Presentations don’t have to kill brain cells

I know it may be surprising that someone would say “What a great speech about the insurance business.” But I’m thrilled I can write about it. Raise your hand if you have sat through too many Powerpoint/Keynote presentations that served as a transcript for the speaker. I need to thank Bob for not letting that happen today.

His slides were appropriate illustrations of his points. They helped the audience understand his material. And he gave us what we needed to know to help our businesses.

And wait until I tell you about Rob Hatch

I promise my next entry will be about what Rob Hatch is doing at Human Business Works. But I’m hungry and have to cross more things off my task list. He shared some good stuff about listening and being helpful.

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1 Bob O'Brien November 19, 2010 at 7:24 pm

Carl, thanks for your kind words, and for recapping my presentation in a much more coherent and concise format than I did! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Rob’s presentation, which was excellent!

I’ve published my presentation on slideshare:

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