How to get ready to fail

by Carl Natale on November 2, 2010

Last week I was listening to Doug Hall motivate the MaineBiz Momentum Convention to innovate and strive to be meaningfully unique. There was a lot of good stuff there. While Doug was explaining how fear of failure got in the way, I got a text from the Pittsburgh Steelers that said: “Emmanuel Sanders is AFC […]

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Tell me why you can’t trust bloggers again

by Carl Natale on August 30, 2010

Everyone knows bloggers are lazy. Either we’re just making this stuff up or we don’t bother to do any real reporting. Today, Mike Wise of the Washington Post proved it. Wise is a real journalist. His columns get printed onto paper and thrown into puddles in people’s driveways. So he has to be practicing the […]

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How far does Big Ben have to go?

by Carl Natale on June 2, 2010

Pro Football Talk Daily doesn’t assume Ben Roethlisberger. only will serve four games of his six game suspension. This is still Roethlisberger’s to lose. Mike Florio also wants him to start talking to the media. He appreciates being careful. But Roethlisberger needs to address his fans. There are two things that will win fans back. […]

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I’m sorry for passing along this piece of Steelers trivia. But I could resist passing along this tidbit that only Steeler Nation citizens could appreciate. But the Steelers say Limas  Sweed acknowledges “personal issues”. Like not being able to catch a football without a peach basket? Sorry. Uncalled for. But Mike Florio at has […]

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It’s with mixed feelings that I read about Santonio Holmes going to the Jets. The man showed questionable behavior off the field. But on the field he was very dependable. I hoped he would avoid becoming a full-time knucklehead. But with reports of him being accused of hitting a woman with a glass in a […]

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