Rowing: Just for the shell of it

by Carl Natale on April 4, 2010

I wanted to find out about rowing for my last Ask an Outdoorsman column in the Maine Sunday Telegram.

It was a very fun interview with Lorna Perry at Echo Rowing in Eliot. She had a lot of passion for the activity and what you get out of it.

I always thought of rowing as an exercise not getting back to nature. That’s mostly because I’m used to seeing sleek shells moving quickly through the water. Too much workout and not enough stopping to enjoy the scenery.

But she insists there is plenty of scenery enjoying. And I’m going to believe her. She has a lot of good info and insights on rowing. My favorite is “meditation in motion.” By getting into a rhythm and being at peace with nature, your body can slip into a meditative state.

After talking to her, I was ready to hit the water. Even though it was way too cold.

By the way, I’m going to continue the column. Instead of weekly it’s going to be published every other week. I’m thinking of looking into cycling. Maybe the Trek Across Maine.

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