Is your resume obsolete?

by Carl Natale on January 25, 2012

Photo: Getty Images via Wall Street JournalA few years ago I wrote a column about finding a job in the Internet age. One of the tips – “Resumes and Cover Letters Still Matter” – generated a lot of controversy in the comments.

Many people felt resumes were inadequate and outdated. LinkedIn was much better.

A few years later, the Wall Street Journal reports résumés aren’t relevant for some employers. They are looking at job candidates’ social media profiles and interactive tests.

I talked last year to a healthcare professional who said every job opening she saw required a video cover letter.

It’s obvious that technology is creating new ways for employers to evaluate job candidates. So what’s a job candidate to do? Whatever the human resources department wants.

Here’s the point. I wrote that column based upon advice from a recruiter. The key part of that advice was “Who’s life are you trying to make easier?”

Competition for job openings is intense. And if you have a moral objection to a traditional resume or a video or a social media profile, then that’s one less person that the recruiters need to consider. If you can’t follow that directive, what are the chances you will be a good employee?

Hey stick to your principles! But don’t complain about the requirements you choose not to fulfill.

(Photo: Getty Imagves via Wall Street Journal)

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