How to make your ideas successful

by Carl Natale on August 13, 2010

Nice breakdown from The Netsetter on the importance of market research when developing business ideas.

Coming up with new business ideas is easy. But the hard work that follows can stop budding entrepreneurs in their tracks. You actually have to start taking action and get the ball rolling with your business idea – dreaming about it doesn’t count! So it’s time to conduct a little market research for your online business.

via Conducting Market Research for New Business Ideas | The Netsetter.

What I like about this is that it emphasizes the need for research without spending a lot of money on surveys and marketing. Just ask some basic questions and run a Google search or two.

Sure that’s not a replacement for in-depth research. But sometimes you just need to take small steps before launching a business or product. Maybe these small steps will lead you to full-scale research.

I also want to throw in a suggestion for organizing these steps. I develop questions and tasks with a mind map. Helps me organize and remember important information better than traditional note taking.

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