Surviving Innovation

Why kids are ‘wasting time’ on computers

by Carl Natale on June 3, 2012

When left to their own devices, they’re going to find something to do that parents or teachers don’t appreciate.

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Are amateurs the experts on innovation?

by Carl Natale on May 19, 2012

This sounds like a handbook for innovation. According to Jack Hitt, amateurs aren’t afraid of making mistakes or failing. And that freedom leads to progress. Americans: A ‘Bunch Of Amateurs,’ And Proud Of It : NPR In his new book, journalist Jack Hitt says America’s amateur spirit goes back to the nation’s origins — and […]

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Why Ikea needs to worry about ebook sales

by Carl Natale on January 16, 2012

The blog paidContent notes that “E-Books Outsell Print For Majority Of Titles On USA Today Bestseller List.” This is just a look at a couple weeks of one list so it’s not fair to call this a trend. Plus the sales are recorded right after Christmas. The assumption is that new Kindle and Nook owners […]

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