What the business model?

by Carl Natale on March 13, 2012

Forbes photo: Marc MaronI love the WTF with Marc Maron podcast for three reasons:

  1. By interviewing just about everyone in the world of comedy, it creates a fascinating look at the business of comedy and how that works.
  2. Maron is one of those people who approaches his career (comedy) as a craft. He cares about doing it well and puts so much thought into it. He is able to articulate that – sometimes crudely – very well in the podcast.
  3. WTF is a paradigm shift. It’s a show that happens without a network or expensive infrastructure. I hate to be trite by declaring this the future of broadcasting.

Forbes’ Jeff Bervocci has a great five-minute interview with Maron. In it he covers the history of the WTF business model and advice for turning a podcast into a business.


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