Patience and manners go a long way on Skype

by Carl Natale on August 22, 2010

I almost fell out of my chair when my dad asked me if I had Skype. He wanted to use it for video chatting with me since we don’t see each other a lot. It shouldn’t have surprised me that my parents warmed up to video chat before I did. They have been early adopters with a lot of technology.

It works well but I haven’t used it to talk with anyone outside of my family.

I do see the potential. So I appreciate this piece of advice on Skype etiquette before I venture into video chat:

A lot of people know I like to use Skype for communicating, and I get a lot of inbound messages. And I’m starting to go a little crazy from the way people are using it. So it’s time for a friendly primer on appropriate Skype etiquette. Most of these helpful hints will also be useful for people using different IM applications.

via Skype Etiquette.

Note some of this advice applies to just about any type of instant messaging or chat. Responding to an inquiry is voluntary. Just because they are signed on to the service doesn’t mean they are available to communicate.

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