Here’s a creative definition

by Carl Natale on April 25, 2010

I must thank Arthur Fink for answering a lingering question: What is a creative worker?

I don’t mean creative as in “That’s such a creative display you made.” I mean a person who is part of the creative economy. In short, a creative.

Arthur defined the creative as anyone who creates intellectual property. And that makes it crystal clear for me. They make work product such as words, art, music, performers, software, ideas, etc. That would include writers, artists, musicians, consultants, programmers and designers.

He gave us this definition at the Social Media Breakfast on Friday while promoting a project he helped create. He wanted us to know about Live/Work Portland. There will be blogs and forums designed to make it easier to create in Portland.

I applaud the idea so I don’t want to make too big of a deal about this. But I can’t resist pointing out that the site is just a placeholder promising something coming April 15, 201o.

I’m sure creatives being unable to make a deadline is just an unfounded stereotype.

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