Dilbert will be banned until morale improves

by Carl Natale on February 23, 2012

This is a great Marketplace/Freakonomics report on employee morale. Love the part about using the number of Dilbert comics posted on walls as a way to determine morale.

So why not ban Dilbert as a way to improve morale?

If you think that’s stupid, then why is it any smarter for a company to tighten it’s sick-day policy? (as illustrated in this radio story) It isn’t. Because employees still found a way to use FMLA to get out of work.

The problem didn’t go away.

The hidden side of keeping employee morale high | Marketplace from American Public Media

Freakonomics Radio takes a look at alternative indicators of office morale, and the unintended consequences when companies try to keep employees happy.

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