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About Carl Natale

Hi. I’m Carl, and I’m a blogger. A blogger who believes in sharing knowledge and expertise.

I’m doing that American Express OPEN Forum, a site full of advice and tips for small business owners. My articles offer insights that you can use to improve your business.

Another good example was The Takeaway, a daily blog that helped small business owners learn how to improve their companies. It was the lead blog at MaineBusiness.com – a community of small business owners who shared their expertise. I created the site, updated it with news and recruited contributors for it. Promotion of the site involved social media (@MaineBusiness) and networking with the local business community.

I also contributed to WorkAwesome.com with posts that helpid people find ways to improve productivity and how they did business.

These days I also am helping healthcare providers understand how changing technology and standards are affecting their business models. At ICD10Watch.com, I write about a significant change in reporting standards that is coming. It’s a big change that requires investing in software, retraining staff and changing documentation procedures. I love it because big money is at stake. And it’s a problem that I can help solve through blogging.

Please contact me if you have any questions about how I can help your audience solve problems and improve their businesses.

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